Why motorcortex?

  • Cloud based development environment
  • Low code application development
  • Blazingly fast
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Secure iioT communication
  • High and low end applications
  • Libraries for robotics, controls and automation

What is Motorcortex?

A solution to meet all your industry 4.0 needs. We've created a realtime platform that is higly performant and scales when you do!

Let's talk specs, read more about Motorcortex below.


Hard realtime 4 kHz

Motorcortex is capable of maintaining hard realtime at incredible update rates.

Atomic State machine

Manage your updates atomically with our state of the art State machine.

Connect with Ethercat

We fully support Ethercat & our web-services include a beautifully crafted tool to manage your devices easily.

More buss systems will be added in the future

Scale with Distributed control systems

Link up multiple Motorcortex machines and scale up indefinitely.

You can read more about this on our GCC page


It's fast!

Ultra fast, secure communication which allows you to communicate directly to webbrowsers.

It's secure

TLS protected communication.


Solve Errors

Simplify diagnotics with our excellent Error handler.

Manage Logs

Built in event logging and handler. Monitor all your actions with surgical precision.


C++ (realtime)








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