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Motorcortex is an advanced hard-realtime motion control system for industrial applications that uses a high-speed communication system to share data to other machines and users.

It is a high performance platform for industrial internet of things (IIoT) applications.

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  • Build

    On motorcortex.io you can build your complete (robotic) control system. Scan the devices connected to your controller via EtherCAT, create a control application in C++ or use one of the available generic applications to make your system work in a matter of minutes. Then create your own browser-based user interfaces or dashboards with the Motorcortex-grid tool.

  • Deploy

    Deploy your Motorcortex projects to your controllers with the click of a button.

  • Control

    Control your machine or robot locally from any connected webbrowser. Or use the free and open source client APIs for C++ Javascript or Python to link data locally to other applications.

  • Analyze

    Use Motorcortex-Desk to stream encrypted machine data at blazing speeds to your web browser. Create signal traces or make frequency response plots or change the system parameters directly from your browser.