The next-gen industrial automation platform.

Create your own realtime control applications using Motorcortex and EtherCAT. Use to develop, deploy and manage your machine or robot software.

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Motorcortex is a cloud based development platform that enables you to create realtime control applications without writing a single line of code.

Motorcortex has extremely fast and secure iIoT communication built-in, enabling you to create interactive and highly scalable control applications.


Build, manage and share with Portal.

Motorcortex Portal is a centralized data & application store which enables you to kickstart your application development.

Safely collaborate with other people & easily manage, analyze and deploy your application to all of your Motorcortex devices.

Keep a tight grip on performance with Desk and visualize your solution with our state of the art GUI builder Grid and much more.

Our web based applications which you can start using today.

We've created a set of web applications to make your life easier. All of these apps are hand crafted, secure and thoroughly tested.

Create, Configure, Deploy, Manage and Analyse.

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