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  • shortest Possible Time-To-Market. Reduce costs and launch as fast as possible.
  • Feature rich embedded software without writing any code.
  • Suitable for any robot, avg or machine.
  • Reduce NRE. Focus your energy and resources in developing the best possible product.
  • High quality software that is maintained and kept up to date just for you.
  • Very low runtime license cost.
  • Scalable in every way. Growing fast? Motorcortex grows with you.
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Support for any Robot, AGV or machine architecture
Hardware independent
Certifiable security
Connect to any EtherCAT device
Modular software architecture. combine apps or modules
Free & open APIs for many languages
Deployment & configuration for multiple machines
Access all machine data at high speed
Freedom to integrate your own code & connect to third party applications
  • Free to use during development time
  • Low cost runtime license per machine
  • Development portal and helpful tools
  • Service & engineering support


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