Web-based automation tools that you can start using today.

We have created a set of web applications to make your life as an automation engineer much easier. All of the motorcortex apps are hand crafted, secure and thoroughly tested.

Create, Deploy, Configure, Manage, Analyze, Optimize.



Portal provides you with an ideal environment to develop new Motorcortex applications. We can help you manage your project data and enable you with software engineers around the world.
Gather & create software libraries to help you create your own projects, and deploy them to any controller.



Grid allows you to create custom made GUIs (Graphical User Interface) for any kind of machine. Our extensive library of widgets allows you to easily add control elements to your interface.

Our library consist of:
- Control elements: buttons, switches, sliders, joysticks...
- Visualization elements: Lights, meters, plots and many more.
- We also have special elements like camera views, 3D visualizations, robot programming.

Grid allows you to take your interfaces to the next level.



We doubt that when you're asked to configure an Ethercat bus you get a smile on your face. Well we've fixed that for you.
Our Ecat tool makes configuring your bus much simpler.

Unlike other tools, Ecat is a generic oriented application which enables your Ethercat devices of any vendor!

Just let Ecat scan your bus so we can detect your devices and if needed allows you to upload more detailed information (ESI) that gets applied automatically.
All that remains is to connect the signals of your devices which is now easier than ever.



Any good developer will tell you that developing and maintaining applications require strong debug & analysing tools.

This is why we've created Desk!

This handy tools enables you to view, update and plot out all your signals.

Display your signals side by side, even plot them out on separate axes and log them so you can review them later on.

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